Critiquing the Flojuggler Mobile App Icon

flojuggler-iconFlojuggler keeps track of menstrual cycles for the women you know. It’s not a complex application but the subject matter it deals with can be… sensitive to many. The original site was hugely successful with men and women alike. The majority of women using the site are tracking their own cycles. Now I’m tasked with moving the service from the web into a mobile application using new technology and new branding. At the doorstep of every mobile application’s brand is the app icon. It’s an app’s first and last impression with the user.

As we examine the choices made with the new Flojuggler icon, let’s start with the goals. Every app has some basic goals for an icon (see the Apple Human Interface Guidelines). It should be unique and stand out when alongside other apps. It should be easily related to the application’s function. An effective icon preserves clarity in small or large sizes. The basic droplet shape and primary red color fits all of these goals. Take a look at the home screen section in the icon set below. Even before the image is enlarged the red droplet pops out alongside the others.


Then there’s conceptual goals for this application in particular. These are the fun ones. For this assignment we need a representation that is not too masculine nor too feminine since we have male and female target users. The use of primary red and white is quite unisex. We’re dealing with a very old subject on a very new platform so we don’t want to come off as “old fashioned”. We do not want to come off as ‘kitsch” but do want to come off as “fun”. This is a lifestyle application, not a medical one. We can hint toward the medical nature but don’t want to dwell in it. The simple shape, two tone color combo, and smoothness of the liquid reference execute all of those goals elegantly.


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