Mind Mapping CloudForge’s Role Assignment

Mind Mapping Permission Assignment

Mind mapping is a great way to get ideas out of people’s heads and into visual representations of those ideas. This was an agile project so we’d often get a few people in a room and figure out exactly what we needed before figuring out how to get it. The above chart is the result of one of those sessions. I really like MindNode for these types of exercises. It’s super fast and flexible. Simplicity can keep the team focused on the task instead of spending valuable time figuring out the tool.

At the heart of the CloudForge monetization scheme is the billing section. At the heart of the actual application functionality is the permissions system. Realize that this app provisions some pretty powerful open source tools for individuals in their garages, small teams in startups, and huge organizations with countless outside vendors. The UI/UX must accommodate a company with 3 people AND 10,000 people. That’s a broad spectrum!


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