Still in love with Balsamiq Mockups

I hate using paper. I just do. I could never cut anything straight and had an ever present fear of lead poisoning drilled into me by catholic nuns in elementary school. You can imagine my elation when I discovered Balsamiq (now called Mockups by Balsamiq). At the time I was tasked with creating wireframes to show the CEO/Art director (don’t get me started) some ideas. Seemed like the perfect solution to keep his mind off the aesthetics and on the larger issue of pain points, flow, and user stories. What have I used this program for since? Everything! Wireframes, personas, prototypes, even design critiques. The funny thing is that I was raised using Adobe Illustrator for anything that involved the smallest amount of layout. Talk about overkill. Typically I’ll end up exporting the bmml files out as PNGs and dropping them into Keynote or whatever I’m using to present.


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