Invision, I’m a fanboy!


I’ll be honest. I’ve kept away from any UX service that feels the need to advertise heavily. I figured that you either have a good tool or you don’t. Well, I was wrong. These folks have been adding feature after feature steadily and I do my best to work it into my flow as much as possible.

What caught me by surprise was how good Invision is beyond clickable prototypes. The commenting, version control, and auto updating of screens is perfect for reviews of still screens, dev notes, and clickable prototypes. This makes it the perfect flow for input by all the stake holders during keys points of the design process. Any agile project manager knows that the days of throwing a “perfect” design over the wall and getting back that amazing app is long over. It’s about delivering a clean and rock solid MVP and then iterating your way to glory. It seems like the Invision crew have a very clear understanding of that reality.

Favorite Feature
File syncing is the bomb! Seriously, this is such a game changer for cranking out multiple ideas lightening fast. I simply use the name my layers/art boards, save the file into the Invision assets folder, and it extracts the files from that source and imports the screens into a project (PSD and AI only at this time but Sketch is around the corner). No more logging in and uploading through a browser. I save and let people know to review. That simple. 👊💥

Sketch file syncing is here! ZOMG
I literally open the file, make my changes, save the file, and it’s all published to the Invision project. Sections, comments, etc are all preserved and the old versions are archived. Revisions, ideation, platform versions… whatever… have never been easier for me. This single feature (which is actually a full scale app in itself) allows me to focus on design instead of process. Love it.


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