Edge Reflow

Adobe Edge Reflow

ReflowI’ll admit it. I’m a Bootstrap man. That’s how I learned how to work in grids and you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Well… if they’re good tricks and Reflow is a really good trick!

Adobe Edge Reflow is a WYSIWYG editor especially focused on building static responsive layouts. I say “static” because it’s not too friendly in an enterprise production environment where you can be using erbs, js, or a myriad of other templating systems. This software will crank out basic HTML, CSS, and related fonts and images. That made it perfect for this landing page project I’m doing for The Jerry Garcia Amphitheater.

Edge ReflowScreenSnapz002

Reflow makes it super fast to work on mobile, tablet, and larger at the same time. I can switch between views with a click and see exactly what the layout is going to look like on a given platform. You know me, I like to code so WYSIWYG tools usually make me wince. This one actually cranks out pretty clean and compact code. I was pleasantly surprised.

The Font support is nice but fairly proprietary at the moment. You can use web fonts from Typekit, which Adobe owns, or another partner service. There’s no ability to simply install the fonts you already have locally into a project.

Adobe has not released an official version yet. The one I’m using is a preview release but it’s stable and… well… useful as hell! I’m not a fan of the AdobeCC monthly payment system but that’s the only way to get Edge Reflow at the moment. It’s definitely worth checking out with a Free Trial.